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Vincent Bluff Preserve
Restoration Project

In the last 20 years, Iowa Prairie Network has been able to raise over $100,000 for land stewardship projects, internships, scholarships, and land acquisition throughout Iowa. This is all due to our generous members, donors, and those who have participated in our silent auctions.

This year's donations will go towards restoring Vincent Bluff Preserve in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Vincent Bluff Preserve is a 41 acre gem in the Loess Hills offering visitors the chance to explore remnant prairie, oak savanna, and eastern deciduous forests. The preserve is owned by the City of Council Bluffs and is managed by the Loess Hills Preservation Society. To learn more about Vincent Bluff Preserve please visit the LHPS website here. A management plan for Vincent Bluff can be found below.


If you are able and willing, please consider contributing to the restoration efforts at Vincent Bluff Preserve by donating via PayPal or sending a check to:

Iowa Prairie Network

c/o Ed Sibley, Treasurer

4015 Sergeant Rd

Sioux City, IA 51106

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