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Iowa Prairie Network

The Iowa Prairie Network is a grass-roots, volunteer, non-profit, organization that is dedicated to the preservation of Iowa's prairie heritage. IPN was formed in 1990 by Iowans concerned that our prairie heritage was disappearing. People needed an organization that would bring those that know about prairie together with those that wanted to learn, to form a network of advocacy for Iowa's natural heritage.

Below are resources about the Iowa Prairie Network organization.

Region One

Leesa McNeil (2019)
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Ben Maas (2021)
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Region Two

vacant (2020)
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Vacant, (2021)
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Region Three

Daryl Smith (2019)
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vacant (2021)
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Region Four

Lance Brisbois (2020)
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Matt Moles (2021)
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Region Five

Anna Golightly (2019)
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Luke Gran (2020)
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Region Six

Tenlea Turner (2021)
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Pam White (2020)
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Region Seven

Ray Hamilton (2020)
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Jennifer Nieland (2019)
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Members At Large

Jon Judson (2020)
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Jacob Pitzenberger (2020)
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Ed Sibley (2019)
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Tim Youngquist (2021)
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Michelle Biodrowski (2019)
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Corinne Bulat (2021)
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Iowa Prairie Network Officers

President: Michelle Biodrowski
Vice President: Jon Judson
Treasurer: Ed Sibley
Secretary:Corinne Bulat


  • Finance: responsible for overseeing the finances of IPN, preparing a budget, and to ensure an annual audit is completed.
  • Events: responsible for working with IPN Directors to coordinate events such as field trips and regional meetings, working with other organizations when opportunities to co-sponsor events arise, and contributing information to the IPN Calendar.
  • Communication: responsible for website, newsletters, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, email, and written communication.
  • Membership: responsible for maintaining membership lists, communicating with member about the status of their membership, recommending dues rates and policies, and creating opportunities to promote membership and attract new members.