President: Michelle Biodrowski


Vice President: Jacob Pitzenberger


Treasurer: Ed Sibley


Secretary: Corinne Bulat​​

Board of Directors

(Term End Year)

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Region One

Ben Maas (2021)
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Region Three

Tim Youngquist (2022)

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Justin Meissen(2023)

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Region Five

Lance Brisbois (2023)

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Cait Caughey (2023)

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Region Seven

Ray Hamilton (2023)
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Pam White (2023)

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Region Two

Sarah Nizzi (2022)

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Region Four


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Region Six

Tenlea Turner (2021)
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Jacob Pitzenberger (2023)

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Members At Large

Jon Judson (2023)
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Laura Leben (2022)

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Michelle Biodrowski (2022)
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Corinne Bulat (2021)
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Derek Miner (2022)

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